how to enable hdf5cpp in superbuild?

For my plugin I need hdf5cpp. In hdf5.cmake are the lines


How can I enable hdf5cpp?


You can add hdf5cpp as a dependency to your plugin. This will cause hdf5 to be built with the CPP wrapper, and added as a dependency to your plugin.

If you look at hdf5cpp.cmake you will see it is a dummy target which sets the hdf5cpp_enabled variable and depends on hdf5.


Thanks for the reply. Up to know (at least 5.4) I built the plugin externally, I’ll try to integrate it into PV.

I cannot get it to work. It seems, there is no ENABLE_paraviewpluginsexternal any more?!
I could not yet find a way to include building the plugin together with paraview.

When I try to build the plugin manually by providing ParaView_DIR, there is the error

superbuild/paraview/build/lib/cmake/paraview-5.10/ParaViewPlugin.cmake:1064 (message):
  Failed to find the required module hdf5_cpp-static.

How can I tell paraview to build my plugin?
Any help is very much appreciated!

I solved this issue by manually changing the cmake configuration of cmake. I could manually build the plugin and load it to my built paraview.