How to enable optix in visualizer?

Hi Paraview,
I saw this slide from nvidia, and one page of it shows the option to enable optix on visualizer.

However I cannot find it at anywhere, I lunch the visualizer as following:

# ./bin/pvpython ./share/paraview-5.11/web/visualizer/server/ --content ./share/paraview-5.11/web/visualizer/www

VisRTX 0.1.6, using devices:
0: Tesla V100-PCIE-32GB (Total: 34.1 GB, Available: 33.8 GB)

Is this option released already or do I miss something? Thank you!

It was a custom build of visualizer but if your ParaView has optix available, it should be available within the UI of Visualizer like we have in ParaView.

I can choose the OptiX backend under Ray Traced Rendering in ParaView on my laptop. However, there’s no such option in Visualizer under Ray Traced Rendering with Enable Ray Tracing is on.

I am just wondering if this Enable OptiX only exists in that particular custom build.

If you are using the same paraview for visualizer if should be there. But you might need to have that plugin as auto-load.

I also try Paraview web recently, got similar question here.
When selecting Enable Ray Tracing, even there isn’t a dropdown list to select backend method like desktop version.
Visualizer of both windows and linux version have same situation.

It looks like that specific UI element for handling ray tracing configuration is not understood by Visualizer.

But that does not mean, you can not properly set it up on the server side via your own code path.

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Understood, thanks for the confirmation!

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I’m also interested, how can I enable the “ray tracing” backend selection in ParaViewWeb?

The missing part is just the GUI, which means you can either create your own UI or do those changes on the Python in a static fashion.