How to execute ParaView-5.7.0-RC2

I have downloaded ParaView-5.7.0-RC2-osmesa-MPI-Linux-Python3.7-64bit on my Ubuntu. in folder bin, there is no executable paraview. How can I launch it?

This was a common point of confusion that we hope we have rectified by adding descriptions on the downloads page - this just went live about a day ago. Oh, I see that it lumps the osmesa in with the other packages for release candidates (cc @jourdain).

The osmesa version you have downloaded does not include the GUI application. It is intended for use as a server only on a remote computing system without X11.

You want to download and use instead. That package includes paraview.


A few corrections to make for the descriptions/groups :

  • Release Candidate should be separated like the release as @cory.quammen pointed out
  • Windows description for the “ParaView” group is incorrect. MPI is not bundled in. Windows release is either without MPI at all, or links to MPI which requires to be installed.
  • Source should have it’s own group, the “ParaView” description does not fit
  • Source, Windows and MacOS have an empty group “Headless Server” group. Empty group should not appear imo.
  • Nightly contain the group in the following order: “ParaView” “Release Candidate” “Headless”. It should be “ParaView”, “Headless”, “Release Candidate”. This may be impacted by the first point though.

@jourdain : let me know if you want me to open on issue on gitlab to keep track.

Just catching up.

  • RC should not supersede os-mesa split
    • I’ll see what I can do
  • The description is for the category and can not be specific for an OS
    • I’ll see if I can make it specific to the selected os.
  • I’ll adjust the order

For the empty category, it is a bit tricky as those categories are not really empty. They are just empty for the selected OS. But they will list what they have available (i.e.: Catalyst (Source/Linux), Headless (Linux) )

So for example on my mac, I may be looking for for the headless, find the category then notice, that I can only get them for Linux. Click on the Linux link next to the category and download the osmesa/egl version that I was looking for? Should I try to filter also the category when empty for an os?

Should be ok once Cory deploy the new JS/CSS files.

Much nicer !

ParaView not a person (yet?), so it doesn’t take the possessive form :slight_smile:

Also, 5.6 (actual last release) should be the default, not 5.7.

@cory.quammen let me know if that’s really an issue and if I should look into it.

Posting RCs from the next version first encourages testing and communicates that a new version is coming out. I’d leave it.

I’m not against it, but keep in mind that most of our users (the silent majority) have no idea what a RC is and how software are released.

You can sometimes find in the wild users using RC from old release unknowingly.

The description “Previews of ParaView’s next release” should help explain what RCs are.

If need be we can have a json file at the root that will specify which version is the stable one and use it as the default for the drop down. But that will be yet another thing to keep up-to-date with the listing. Anyhow, if you want to go that way, just let me know.

Maybe I can check if an actual release is available in the PV category via the listing. That way the RC only version won’t show up by default. Also if I do that, we won’t need to keep up-to-date another file.

Anyhow let me know what you would like me to do.

Looks like we lost the older nightlies. Is that expected ?

Nevermind, they are here.