How to export an animation to Maya, via OBJ or STL.

We managed to export a static 3D model in OBJ and some sort of animation where it generates one static model for each frame, but this option generates 400 models, if we were doing stop motion that would be cool :grinning:.
We need one unique model with animation baked into it.

What are we doing wrong?


This is how animation works in ParaView, there is no continuous animation.

That being said, with interpolate animation filter, you should be able to rafine the animation to non stop-motion level.

It sounds exactly what I was looking for, could you guide me a little bit through that?
where to I find this filter? How do I use it?

Thank you so very much! crossing my fingers this will solve our problem…

Just add it and configure like any other filter in ParaView, then save each time steps.

Hey Mathieu, I really appreciate your support.
I’m using version 5.8.1, we looked up and just couldn’t find this filter, “interpolation animation”, does it have a specific name?
We even googled it, and we couldn’t find any reference…
Thanks again!

Filters -> Temporal Interpolator

Just got it! Thank you so much!! we will try it!

By reading the definition of this filter, I’m not sure if that will do what I was hoping for…, I noticed SketchFab can import the 400 models and do a “stop motion” exactly like I wish Maya could do, I think I saw some plugging to convert SketchFab to FBX, I’m not sure if that could possibly solve my issue, have you tried something like this before?

Im afraid not.

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Hi Hanszmann,
Ive got to do the exact same thing as you!!
Did you end up finding a solution??