How to export animation in Real Time mode

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I’m trying to export an animation in Real Time mode. I’ve managed to create the animation in the Animation View panel. But when I export it, I need to give a frame rate and the exported animation doesn’t look like the one in Paraview at all. Does anyone have an idea ?

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Which format are you exporting to ?

Hi, its .avi (can’t change it really).

Btw it cannot be read by Windows 10 default software

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Please do not use .avi output, but the .png output and then create a movies from the pngs.

Oh, where to start? Lets see …

  • The following discussion has to do with ParaView 5.6.0. ParaView 5.7.0-RC1 is now available, which should also work. Note for the example I am using can.exo (one of the Examples).
  • Mathieu is correct. When I teach ParaView classes, I always tell my students to write .png files, and then post process them into .avi’s (or some other format). This is because ParaView doesn’t always create the best .avi’s - we are dependent on open codecs. Post processing codecs are spectacular, and you possibly will get better movies. One tool that I hear that works well is ffmpeg. I use ENVE, which is commercial, and may not be available to you.
  • There is a great opensource movie viewer that many people are using now days called VLC. I would recommend using that. It can be found here:
  • In Windows land, we were using a really poor codec for .avi’s. This includes ParaView 5.6.0. For the upcoming 5.7.0 (with release candidate 1 already available), this has been hugely improved (Thanks Kitware!).
  • To answer your specific question Rem, ParaView will now default to saving animations (making movies) as .avi’s that exactly matches the controls in the Animation View. For instance, View/ Animation View. Real Time. Change Duration to 100. Play it forward, look at how slow it is. File/ Save Animation. Name file, use .avi. On the next dialog, you can see what is happening by clicking Advanced (the little gear). Look at Animation Options. Don’t change anything (the settings from Animation View are copied in). Make your movie. Now, look at your movie in a movie player.

If the steps above don’t work, please let us know. It is a bug.

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By the way, when you say export animation, I assume you mean Save Animation. If you mean Export Scene, that is a different character again.

Thanks for your help ! THis is really appreciated ! I’ll keep that in mind!