How to export animation where last frame needs to be "held" for certain amount of time

I’ve got a nonlinear statics simulation that runs from time = [0.0, 1.0] using adaptive step sizes (though the adaptivity doesn’t matter). Because these steps are large, nearly 10% of the deformation is captured in the final step – see Time Manager:

I’ve exported the video (5.12 RC-2) at 1 FPS to exaggerate the effect that, as soon as the final time value / step is rendered the video ends, meaning that the final state is effectively not included in the video (see below) if played in a tool like VLC.

What’s the best way to specify that I want the final frame “held” for X amount of time (e.g., 1 second)?

Edit: the embedded browser video doesn’t share the behavior I’m seeing in VLC – download the MP4 and try playing it in VLC.

Here’s a screen-capture of playing back in VLC that demonstrates the behavior I’m seeing… perhaps this is a setting in VLC, but all the same it would still be nice to have an option in ParaView to hold the final frame for a while.

Edit: even using the “Play and Pause” setting in VLC doesn’t really work since it will pause on the second-to-last timestep:

Again, speaking to the rubber duck here, probably should bring this up on a VLC bug page but might still be nice to have an option in ParaView :person_shrugging:

The frame VLC pauses on…

This sounds like a VLC bug to me.

That being said you should be able to add more frames easily using generate time steps filter.

@Lucas_Givord @nicolas.vuaille

I agree GenerateTimeSteps is the correct way to go.