How to extract data by intersecting dat. file and stl. file

i have dat.file about pressure, velocity … and stl.file
i want pressure distribution on the airfoil surface.
so i try to intersect “plot on intersection curves”
but it doesn’t work
please help

I have only used Plot On Intersection Curves to extract data from a slice of a surface mesh. Two things which may help:

  1. Plot On Intersection Curves computes the slice on its own, so you do not need to slice the data first.
  2. It may help to interpolate the data from your field data onto the surface mesh, and then use Plot On Intersection Curves on the output of that.

thank you for your reply.

can you give me example file.

i tried but it didn’t work.

my data file have no information about geometry.

it only have position and properties.

did you use “Plot On Intersection Curves” with STL file??

If your volume data has no geometry, I would try:

  1. Import volume data
  2. Import STL
  3. “Extract Surface” from STL (if necessary/possible)
  4. “Resample With Dataset” from the volume data onto the STL surface
  5. Use “Plot On Intersection Curves” on the result “Resample With Dataset”.

naca 0012_1.stl (931.6 KB)

Thank you for reply.

I tried the way you mentioned but didnt work.

i upload my data.file and STL.file.

can you test my datas?

You’ve only uploaded the STL.