How to Extract Stress Tensor from FEA Von Mises Results in Paraview?

Hi. I wanted to ask how can I extract the stress tensor (containing 6 stress components) for the points on a “Plot Over Line”? I want to use these values for calculating the membrane and bending stresses and then find an equivalent membrane and bending Von Mises stresses respectively. Greatly appreciate the help and support.

What do you mean by extract ? Plot over line already extract it.

Hi Mathieu. Thanks for the response. Right now Point over Line is giving me Von Mises Stresses only. I wanted to find the individual stress components that were used to calculate that Von Mises stress value.

Von Mises stress is a scalar value… if all you have is von Mises stress there’s no way to extract the stress tensor. You need to output the stress tensor from your FEM code.

Hi Greg. Thanks for your response. I had the option to download the outputs from the FEA as a “.pvd” file which I did. I am viewing the results in Paraview. There is no way I can extract stress tensor at nodes if I wanted to?