How To Filter Point Data


i want to filter my DEM data based on the coordinates of the simulated particles. Specifically i want to get a list of all particles that are inside a certain region of my domain. I figured i could do that by finding all particles that have
(x-coord > value && x-coord < value) &&
(y-coord > value && y-coord > value) &&
(z-coord > value && z-coord < value)

Ideally i want to list and export these particles for all simulation time steps. How can i achieve this in ParaView?

Thanks a lot!

6 clip filters?

The Clip filter has a box option and the box option has an exact sub-option, which in essence does 6 clips. It just does it in one filter instead of separate filters.

Oh, right! Andy’s answer is correct.

Hi, thanks for the answers!! I think this might work. :slight_smile:
Can i export the filtered to data for all time steps in one go or do i need to export it by hand for every time step?

I believe that depends on what format you chose to write to, but any format that supports time should give you the option to automate the writing of all time steps. For example, if you say to save the data and select one of the VTK file formats, you will get a dialog box that has, in addition to other options, a checkbox labeled Write timesteps as file-series.