how to find feature edges and save it as an image

I have microstrcture image (EBSD) which I have generated from the Dream 3d. I need to get only the ‘‘grain boundary’’ image from the microstructure. in other words I just need to extract the edges from the microstructure image. how can I get that? I have attached two images for reference. first one is a reference of dream 3d ebsd microstructure, and the second one is how the grain boundary image should look like (they re not the same image, I just placed it as example. I have done it somehow in paraview before, but could not remember the exact way!! I would appreciate any help/suggestion on this. Thanks!!!
kihoise.tiff (20.3 KB)
rolledn.tiff (317.1 KB)

@Syeda_Sumaiya this is a segmentation problem – segment the different grains based on their orientation. DREAM.3D has tools for this. Then, the resulting segmentation can be visualized in ParaView.

CC: @Michael_Jackson