How to get a full sliced 2D view of cylinder(throats) via tube and slice filter?

Hi there,

I created a 3D pore network model and visualized it in paraview, I need to slice it into multiple 2D images.

The pore part (shown as spheres) is fine, but the throat part (represented as the tube or cylinder) doesn’t look well. Here I put my sliced 2D image; how can I get the sliced tube a solid rectangular shape (meaning this area should be colored, just as the sliced sphere in a color-filled circle shape)?

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated!


Hi Peter,
Tis does look odd…can you post your original dataset? but first try to vary the position of the slice, because it looks like it is catching the outside edges of the tubes. Are the tubes solid? If the spheres are solid and the tubes are hollow, then this looks like a true representation of the dataset when it is sliced. the other thing I might suggest is revising your dataset to include some material inside the tubes. I think then you will see them as “color-filled”


Hi Phil,

Thank you for the reply.
The original dataset is a vtp/csv file containing pore network information (coordinates and diameters of pores and throats). I sliced the 3D pore network in the same position and varied it along the x-direction, but all the sliced 2D images look similar-- the throat part is hollow (only the edges are colored). I sliced the network first and then add Glyph to visualize the pore part, but I had to visualize the throat part (as tubes) first before slicing it. I guess the representation (surface) controls this operation. Do you have any suggestions for visualizing pores and throats in solid spheres and cylinders?