How to get access to pqPropertiesPanel ?

Hello dear Paraview developers!

Could you please help me finding how to access pqPropertiesPanel from within a filter in c++

Thank u!

Hi Mike,

Simple, you cannot and should not access to pqPropertiesPanel from a filter.

What are you trying to achieve ?

Hello dear Mathieu, very glad to see you!

When I invoke a Python script from a filter, it forces the RequestData be executed, and the apply button becomes inactive. However, I ve found out that if I modify any property, it becomes active again.
I have a custom widget, but when I modify it, the apply button does not seem to become active again.

I failed to find out what is the difference , seems the thing is that in my custom widget I dont correctly use smth like
this->addPropertyLink(checkBox, "checked", SIGNAL(toggled(bool)), ivp);

And than I tried to manipulate property panel to make Apply button active from there.

Could you please help me?

Sincerely yours,

How do you drive that ?

I use

I mean, when I use vtkPythonInteractiveInterpreter, it calls an awful lot of things, and very deep in the call stack, after calling some things from python38.dll, it calls RequestData , and alters the state of pipeline, which I am trying to avoid.

are you in a ParaView plugin ? A paraview based app ?

Yes, I call that from a paraview plugin, from a server side.
I have also tried to do it from the client side, but it did not alter anything

Yes,I ve been following paraview guidelines, plugin how to etc
It’s more or less regular c++ filter

A classic plugin (filters + xml) should not have such issues and also I would not exect a C++ filter to talk with vtkPythonInteractiveInterpreter unless you do really involved things.

Mathieu, could you explain, why modifying original paraview widget does activate Apply button, but custom widget does not?

And how to get this fantastic button activated again?

Just make sure your “Setter” calls this->Modified()

I dont have Modified

I ve tried to emit those signals from pqPropertyWidget in my custom widget,
but they dont activate the Apply button

void viewChanged (pqView *view) 
void changeAvailable () 
void changeFinished ()
void restartRequired ()

it has nothing to do with your custom widget, it has all to do with the setter in your VTK filter.

Wow! You are a Paraview Genius
Thank you very much!

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