How to get Force Distribution on body

Hey, I have performed an aerodynamics simulation for which I want to get the force values along the length of the body. Is it possible to get the force values Fx, Fy, Fz on the body cells? I tried the
F = p*Normals_Y , and saved the data file. But the cell area value has to be multiplied to it to get the Forces Fx, Fy, Fz values. How can I get the cell area value?
Is this a good approach, Or I can follow something better!?


You can use the Cell Size filter to compute the area of each cell. Run that filter first, and then use the Area field in your equation.

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Thanks Kenneth! Actually I was trying that earlier but paraview kept crashing! I restarted my laptop and it worked!

I’ve actually posted a similar issue here. I am running 5.2.0 and can’t find the Cell Size feature, is it only in newer versions (the alphabetic listing goes straight from “Cell Data to Point Data” to “Clean” ? I am also concerned that if it is only in newer versions, what was previously happening when you integrated over a surface, were the 5+ sided faces skipped over?

Thanks in advance, Ian

Regarding your first question, this may be of help:

  • extract the block in your domain you want to compute the forces on (Extract Block, then Extract Surface).
  • if you do not have them in your data set, generate cell normals (Generate Surface Normals, tick the cell normals box)
  • using the calculator, define your force (Calculator, cell values, Fx = p*Normals_X, etc)
  • then finally integrate over the block (Integrate Variables) to get the integral values.

The results show up in spreadsheet (make sure you look at cell values). You do not really need the Cell Size filter, Integrate Variables does it for you in this way.

Thanks. I don’t actually want to integrate for aerodynamics but to extract the areas to post process in excel.