How to get into visualize webpage

I installed paraview in my ubuntu server for running visualizer, I can access the page in ubuntu by

http://localhost:9090”(the port is 9090)

however, it comes with


when I tried to access the URL by browser in windows

How to deal with this :frowning:

When running the process, add that extra argument --host to allow external connection.

Hello, I tried but did not work;
my 8080 port is occupied, and I tried:

--pvpython -m paraview.apps.visualizer --data /mydata --host --port 9090

Then I access through browser (on windows) by host:9090, and it comes with


How to solve this?Thanks

Without more information, it is hard to say. I don’t know your network setup, your firewall rules and so on. I don’t even know if your Windows can ping your Linux. Or even what URL you are truly using in your windows browser. Do you use localhost, host or the actual IP of your linux box?

I used IP of my linux box

with in same net work

I can access the port 8080 on web(windows) however can not access any port which is provided by paraview visualizer, weriod

What does your browser debug view tells you (console and network)?

When your other 8080 service is not running does visualizer on 8080 works?

luckly, when I turned paraviews’ port to 8080, it worked, however, with nothing on the webpage:

I solved~ thanks so much!

Can you provide some hints on what was the issue so other can learn from your experience?

of course, the main part is to add --host, besides, release the port which paraview visualizer will occupy
it was my mistake of not realizing the 9090 port was not allowed to access

Thanks for the feedback.