How to get ParaView Dark UI?

I’ve seen screen captures that show ParaView can be customized for a dark user interface such as the screen captures at this link or this link.

Does anyone know of an easy way to change PV’s UI to a dark theme? Is this only possible on Linux? Could I do this on a Mac?

Hello Bane,
I am on the team who develop TTK,
changing the theme of Paraview means changing the theme of Qt5. This can be done using the Qt 5 Configuration Tool : qt5ct.
I have never tried it on a Mac.

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Ah, awesome! I’ll give it a try on my Mac in the next week or so and if successful, post the process here.

were you able to have any more luck figuring this out?

It’s been on my todo list (low priority) and just haven’t had a chance. I really want to though!


I have personally tried it on my MBP (10.13.6… I have not upgraded to Mojave) and I have not been able to get the dark UI to work. On my other computer running Ubuntu 18.04, it was a breeze and works just fine.

If you guys figure it out for a Mac, let me know :slight_smile:

Is this possible in a Windows installation?

Generally, there’s no problem theming Paraview by editing QT settings. The problem/issue is to get Paraview to read the obtained qtconfig file. If you used e.g. the version packaged with Ubuntu/Debian linux, and qt5ctrl to configure the entire QT, then Paraview will respect it and use the dark theme.
However, if an OS uses the binary boundle downloaded from, it’s a different pair of shoes, and enforcing a QT config file is more involved.

For me (manjaro XFCE) it helps to set the style flag as:
./paraview -style=gtk+

You can also set the variable QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE instead of the -style argument.
Note that a bug prevents the theme to correctly be loaded with ParaView 5.7 but it is fixed in master and will work with the upcoming 5.8 release.
As mentioned by @rabarbar42 this method will not work with the binary bundle that we provide because it is not using the QT of your system.

I’ve written up a Tips&Tricks : How to get ParaView Dark UI (Linux, System Qt)

Do no hesitate if someone has a way to achieve that on other platforms.

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