How to get specific rows from CVS?

This is my code i think needed a function different from this output.RowData.append().
Because it is doing the substitution of an array instead of adding another array in another row.

   # Code for 'Script'

# We will use NumPy to read the csv file.
# Refer to NumPy documentation for genfromtxt() for details on
# customizing the CSV file parsing.

import numpy as np
# assuming data.csv is a CSV file with the 1st row being the names names for
# the columns
def m(v):                                    
  return ma
data = np.genfromtxt("C:\\Users\\joaoc\\OneDrive - Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa\\ISEL\\Mestrado\\Tese\\0-ProjetosPy\\Pro-Paraview\\Example_DAP\\selipsoids3.str", dtype=None, skip_header=1,

cc = 1 # inicial row
ncx =3 # number of rows that it should jump to select the next one  
ii = 0
ntrow=2400 #Numeber of rows from original file
for i in range(0,ntrow):
   if i == ii*ncx + cc:
      for name in data.dtype.names:
         array = data[name]
         output.RowData.append(array[ii], name)