How to get the time series data at a specific point?

I want to plot the time series data of a specific variable say velocity-magnitude (U) or streamwise velocity (Ux) at a specific point (x,y,z) for 1000 time files. Now, extracting data manually for 1000 files is painstaking.

So, my question is “Is there an available way in OpenFOAM to do this”?

Try one of the Plot (Data/Selection) Over Time filter.

To plot from an exact point of the mesh, select it and use selection variant.

To plot at some random (x,y,z) coords, first do a Probe Location to interpolate data at the specified coords, and then use the Plot Data Over Time

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Thanks for your reply.

I did try Probe Selection filter, in the Filter > Data Analysis option, but it’s appearing inactive. When I loaded the entire time series data, my plan was to load all the 1000 files & to use the probe selection filter at once. But, as it’s appearing inactive (I mean…I can’t select it), do you think I need to perform the probe selection thing for each of the 1000 files?

my plan was to load all the 1000 files

Not sure what you mean here.
If you want to work on a temporal dataset, you should load it as a time series, as explain here. Then, you have only one element in your pipeline browser, matching the current time.

I did try Probe Selection filter

Do you mean Plot Selection ... or Probe Location ? In any case, if you hover a greyed filter you have a small tip displayed at bottom left of the application (5. Filtering Data — ParaView Documentation 5.11.0 documentation}
For the first, you should create a selection before using it.

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Thanks Nicolas for your reply.

Yes, that part is done & I am getting just one element in the pipeline browser at the moment. Perhaps, I was making some mistake earlier, but now I am getting that.

Sorry for the typing mistake. I was trying the Probe Location filter as I wanted to get the velocity magnitude at a specific (x, y, z) coordinate and now it’s working fine as I have just one element in the pipeline browser.

Now the next step is to choose the Plot Data Over Time filter as I wish to plot the velocity magnitude at that particular point for the entire time-series. But, here are my questions.

  1. when I will select the filter Plot Data Over Time, will it automatically take that chosen (x, y, z) coordinate for the entire time series or do I need to specify that particular point ?
  2. I just want to plot velocity magnitude at that point & not any other variable as it might lead to a lot of data. But, while choosing the filter Plot Data Over Time, it doesn’t specify any field as such.

Ok, nice!


  1. Create Plot Data Over Time on the Probe Filter. Then changing time will recompute the pipeline as is, automatically keeping any properties as you set them.
  2. you may use Pass Arrays filters before the plot
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Thanks. Pass Arrays filter helped. All sorted.

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