How to give different colors to a selection of facets


I work with a VTK file and want to display a selection of facets in different colors. When I run a selection I have only one color for all the facets.
Do I need to attribute values (intensities) to the facets to be able to generate a colorbar? or is there a simpler way to do so by only selecting them?

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Can you facet be identified automatically ?

If not, then Select Manually, Extract Selection, Select Color, repeat.

If yes, then lets try doing that instead.

Thank you for the solution. It worked by extracting the selection each time.

Is there any faster way if we already know the facets ids (changing only the colors at the end for exp) ? I guess this is what you meant by identified automatically ?

Yes, just use a adapted color map.

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Alright, thank you very much.