how to hide front face/surface of a mesh

once I was watching a tutorial of paraview (from what I remember) the person, select an option where paraview hides the first frontal surface/face of a mesh.
for example, having a mesh-like a cube with another mesh inside, so with this “option” we could see the upper, lower and side planes, with the front plane hide, so we can see the geometry “inside” the cube at the same time.
is it possible? I might be remembering wrong, but I thought about giving a shot and ask.

The name of the property is BackFace Representation, in the representation advanced property.

If you can’t find it, see here:

thanks a lot I find it! :smiley:
for anyone else that is looking for this
-> in properties click in the advanced properties (small gear)
-> backFace representation -> cull FrontFace