How to image 2D data in txt file

Dear all,

I can read a 2D text file with your kind answers for many questions. But, I do not know the next step, how to visualize the matrix in the Paraview. My data has this structure, 81 x 4096 matrix.

I followed this step:

  1. opened the text file with Delimited text (CSV Reader).
  2. changed the properties: deactivate the have headers.
  3. changed the properties: " " in the Field Delimiter Characters.
  4. changed the properties: activate the Merge Consecutive Delimiters
  5. click “Apply”
  6. click the filter, Table to Points, in the Filters tap.

After this list of steps, I do not know how to image the matrix.

When I click the X column or Y or Z, this show many fields. This data is only 2D data. Then I need two axes.

How can I image those fields?

I expect this kinds of image (some part of the matrix, ), which was visualized by gnuplot.

My final goal is to image 3D matrix in the Paraview. As a basics step, I hope to understand how to image the 2D matrix in the Paraview.

Help me out please!!

Thank you for reading this topic.

Check the Filter properties. X Column, Y Column should be mapped to the appropriate column of your table. Currently both of them point to Field 0. Check also the 2D Points checkbox. You can then use Delaunay2D and PointDatatoCellData to create an image similar to the one from gnuplot. See below

Even simpler you can use the TableToStructuredGrid Filter see:

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Sorry for too late reply. I totally forgot this posting. Thank you for your nice answer! I will try this!

Hi, It’ been a while from your nice reply. Now I have been following the steps that you suggested.

My data set has the structure, 616 x 1547 (row x column).

  1. You suggested to assign some field to each column. But I need all the field.

2.When I use the TableToStructure, I found this error message:

vtkTableToStructuredGrid (0x7f7de8017740): The input table must have exactly 1 rows.

How to use all the rows and all the columns?

I am trying smaller dataset with simple structure: 4 x 10 (row x column).
test_paraview.txt (111 Bytes)

How to image this file in Paraview?

I finally knew to image the 3D-structure text file by using paraview.
I followed this way to get the vtk file:

Thank you for everyone that read my post.