How to implement the plugin that support different types of data source

Hi, dear ParaView experts:

There is a ParaView plugin that works for imageData. I recently updated it and it also work for unstructuredGrid data, could you provide some guidance about how to update the header file and make it work for both imageData and unstructuredData ? Thanks a lot for the help!

My original implementation is as follows (my filter is called vtkUncertainContour):

class VTKUNCERTAINANALYSISFILTERS_EXPORT vtkUncertainContour : public vtkImageAlgorithm
  vtkTypeMacro(vtkUncertainContour, vtkImageAlgorithm);
  void PrintSelf(ostream& os, vtkIndent indent) override;
  static vtkUncertainContour *New();
  int RequestData(vtkInformation*, vtkInformationVector**, vtkInformationVector*) override;

The filter for both vtkImageData and vtkUnstructuredGrid data should be inherited from vtkDataSetAlgorithm. For example, the vtkGradientFilter may be helpful.

Sure, thanks a lot for the information!