how to import mx (asci file in Gocad format) or asci file in paraview

I have 3D geology model exported from move software in asci format ( asci Gocad format is . mx file) and I want to know how to import this model in paraview, does anybody know ? I read I should use 2D delaunary filter but it is not active in mine, is there any other solution.
Thank You!

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This format is not supported by paraview afaik. You will first need to convert your file to another format.

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ok tack, what a about shapefile in Gis , is it possible to plot in paraview?

The .shp/.shx format is supported through the GDAL option. You will have to build paraview yourself in order to be able to use it though, as this dependency is not in the binary release of ParaView yet.

could you please explain more, how to build it, I am using Qgis which GDAL libarary is installed.

Could you please tell me which option I can use to plot these 3D layer made in cad, actually I export as text file, and dxf, plot text file as point in paraview and used Delaunary2d filtering but it does not show layer it shows surface, maybe there is another option. this is the text file and dfx I exportedKNDZ.vtk (6.5 KB)

Building ParaView is only necessary if you want to read a .shp.

Do you want to read a .shp file ?

I have sho file too, and 3D layet made in cad, both of them needed to be imported to paraview, for second option I should build paraview again?

What is a sho file ?
What is a 3D layet file ?

sorry, .shp (shapefile), and the 3D layer is made in cad this is 3D geology model, but the format is dxf, is it possible to import file from cad to paraview?

As I said, reading .shp file requires you to build ParaView.

.dxf file cannot be read into ParaView yet.

ok, I uploaded the text file, with x,y,z, is there any filter just connect this points together, like a layer or not?

You can use Delaunay2D filter to connect the points together.

What are you trying to obtain ?

these are 3D geology model provided in another software( and iIdigitized ) to plot in paraview just want to show here like a layer ( it is not straight like slice), it seems, no option here to plot

Can you show me a screenshot of what you are trying to achieve ?

Building paraview takes a lot of time, it’s too troublesome to do so each time I need deal with a new file format? How(or where) could I customize my own reader(maybe with C++)?

See section 12.4 of the ParaView Guide on how to write a Python reader plugin for ParaView.

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