Petrel/Geocad to ParaView

Hello Mathieu , Hope you are doing well . I have imported 3D reservoir model from Petrel Software to Gocad Software. Now i want to import to Paraview from Gocad . Need your guidance.

Please share your data

I have a 3d Grid model of reservoir in PTD format which means Petrel format and for importing to Gocad i used Rescue reservoir modeling format

Please share your data.

Please upload your data online and share a link here. I cant help you without data.

I don’t know how to upload data here , its my first time using this platform.

it needs your email

It works now i send it through that link on your email . Did you receive?

Yes. I see only .bin files. I dont think ParaView has any capabilities to reach such files.

My question is i can upload this Geometry to GOCAD i mean this 3D model , from gocad in which format I need to export for paraview ?

ParaView support many file formats, which format can you export to ?

That’s My model in Gocad

Ok, can you export to .stl or .obj ?

Gocad Don’t have these export files formats options.

Okay Thankyou