How to input timesteps values for stl motion


I have STL files that represent the same 3d object but at different positions/times. They are stored in a folder as follows:


When I load these STL files into Paraview, they are loaded correctly, and Paraview immediately generates a series of times with time increment of 1 second. The first STL file is at 1 s, the 2nd at 2 s, and so on.

I’d like to associate my own time series with the STL files. For example, the 1st file would be associated with t=0.1s, the 2nd with t=0.36s, the 3rd with t=0.75s, etc.

Do you think this is possible?

Thank you for your help.

You can create a json file that follows the syntax of the .series format to associate an arbitrary time with each input.

For example, in your case, you would create a file named something like object.stl.series (the .stl.series extension is important) and have context that are something like this.

  "file-series-version" : "1.0",
  "files" : [
    { "name" : "Stl_00000.stl", "time" : 0.1 },
    { "name" : "Stl_00001.stl", "time" : 0.36 },
    { "name" : "Stl_00002.stl", "time" : 0.75 },
    { "name" : "Stl_0000X.stl", "time" : 1.2 }

Thank you for your help, I solved my problem with your solution.