How to interpolate a 2D point cloud from .vtp with obstacles (like cylinders)?

Hi there,

I’d like to interpolate the interior points of my domain that I receive after training a PINN. In my case, there is a flow around cylinders in 2D.

I’ve used the Delaunay2D filter on my interior points, but when using this filter the void caused by my obstacles gets interpolated as well. How can I fix this?

These images show the Delaunay2D Filter on the left side and the point cloud as well as the cylinders (from additional .vtp) on the right side.

Many thanks in advance.


@Flatter Do you have a mesh containing your obstacles ? If so, you may try to use boolean operation to remove them again on the resulting mesh.
Otherwise, would it be possible for you to increase the resolution of your point cloud ? (to add more points into the valid area ?) If so, playing around with the Alpha parameter may prevent large edge to come across these empty space. Do not hesitate to tell me if I haven’t been clear.