How to make a color blend effect for image data

Dear Experts,
I want to show two image data with different colors, like one is red and the other is green, then i want to see a final yellow color, if the two image data is show together.
But result is just green one covered on red one, which make red one cannot see, no expected blend result…

Please help me…

Could you give us an image? Further, this doesn’t sound to me like ParaView is the best tool for this work… Although I don’t know it well, maybe Gimp?

Thank you Walter for your reply!
The image is generated by point data after processed by vtkPointDensityFilter, what i want to do is merge two type of this data but keep their original color in order to have a blend color effect for final merged image.

vtkImageBlend should be able to do this, but it is not exposed as a filter in ParaView. You can create an XML to expose it, though. You may also need to set VTK_MODULE_ENABLE_VTK_ImagingCore to YES in your ParaView CMake configuration to access this class - I believe it is off by default.

Thank you Cory very much!
I will have a try!

Thanks and Best Regards!

Hi Cory,
I had a try, but seems it is not easy.
default, the ImageCore will build, that’s good.
But my input ImageData are all with one component of scalar value, when show them in paraview, although, i can set different color for them, but this color setting cannot pass to vtkImageBlend to make a color blend result. Only the scalar value is pass to vtkImageBlend, which cannot give me color blend.

One question is : how can i update one component scalar by 4 components scalar with rgba, then i can pass to vtkImageBlend.

This filter maps a component to an RGBA image -

Thank you Cory, I will have a try later!
More questions:
If i use this filter, how can i apply it by paraview defined various Presets color? it is good to choose one of them for different type of data.

I also need slice final blended image to have a final cross section with blended color, but i found the slice result’s color is not “inherited” from image color, how to make it inherited from its source, then i can have the final slice view with blended color?

Thanks again and Best Regards!