How to make a selection of another colour?

Hello dear Paraview developers!

Now I know how to make a standard paraview selection of purple colour
But how to make a selection which would look differently sized or coloured?

Best Regards,
Mike A.

Please look at the bottom of the Find Data panel. The color is directly available while the size can be found in Edit label properties.

Hello Nicolas
I mean, programmatically, how to do it

extraction_filters.xml dont seem to contain the necessary property

Oh, sorry, we are indeed in the Dev category

You have a “settings” proxy named “ColorPalette”, with “SelectionColor” property.

Not sure for the size, but you can look at Qt/Components/pqFindDataSelectionDisplayFrame.cxx, it is were the panel is defined.

Thanks, it works
How can I have selections of multiple different colours then?

I do not know so much about multi selection, but you should take a look at the pqSelectionEditor class. This is the entry point for multiselection in ParaView GUI.