How to make axis based on log instead of linear

Hey paraview developers,

Good afteroon. I have a use case that I need to create a surface from CSV data, and color it by certain fields. Similiar to this post.

May I ask how can I change the axis to be log arithmetic instead of linear? Moreover, do I have control the log base. e.g. 2, 10, etc?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @haochengliu,

After you run the table-to-points filter, you can use the array calculator to compute new point coordinates that are the logarithm of the input coordinates. The formula you enter in the calculator would look like

\log_{10}(coordsX)*iHat + \log_{10}(coordsY)*jHat + \log_{10}(coordsZ)*kHat

if you want the base-10 logarithm. If you want base \log_n(x), remember that \log_n(x) = \frac{\log(x)}{\log(n)}. Make sure you check the “Coordinate Results” button on the calculator filter. Then apply the rest of the filters mentioned in the post you linked to.

Morning @dcthomp, it’s really helpful and the calculator filter solves my next questions.