How to make Filter time aware when one of its input is from temporal reader

Dear All,
I write one filter that has two input, one is vtkPolyData and the other is vtkTable. It special is vtkTable is from time series files.
When i load time series files for vtkTable data, then i apply it with my filter, i expect my filter will update when user click the button “play”, but the result is only vtkTable update…filter result in render view is not update…

How to “tell” the filter to update according to animation start?

You need re-implement method “RequestInformation” and set vtkStreamingDemandDrivenPipeline::TIME_RANGE and vtkStreamingDemandDrivenPipeline::TIME_STEPS for output Information.
You can get them from input, then set the same for output, if you want to keep them match