How to make full use of Two GPUs

Dear Experts,
There are two GPUs on my computer:

and i want to make full use of them, and try to launch pvserver by below command:
mpiexec.exe -n 2 .\pvserver.exe -display :0.0 --force-offscreen-rendering : -n 2 .\pvserver.exe -display :0.1 --force-offscreen-rendering
but when i manipulate 3D in paraview, and found only 1 GPU is used, since the other GPU usage is always 0%,

My question is how can i make full use of my two GPUs?


Your command seems correct.

Thank you Mathieu!
But from GPU usage one is always 0%…seems not used at all…

With such a setup, low-end + hi-end GPU of different vendors in a single machine, I would suggest to rather split into:

  • use low-end GPU for OpenGL
  • use hi-end GPU for GPU Volume / NVIDIA IndeX / NVIDIA OptiX etc.

It’s possible that this is selected semi-automatically through default graphics driver / NVIDIA settings. The primary GPU should be displayed in the ParaView > About box, under OpenGL renderer. The NVIDIA renderers will use the hi-end GPU by default (if not told otherwise).


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Hi Steffen,
Thank you for your suggesting, though i have found the setting where i can set to use different GPU,
you suggestion is helpful!

Best Regards!