How to make the bottom plane of the model in 3D view?

I am trying to make the square bottom plane of the model in 3D view because I need to view the z-plane of the object.
Could you explain how to implement this functionality?
I want to add that functionality in the Paraview glance (web version).
What should I do?

Here is what I want.

@jourdain Is there a plane source available in ParaView Glance?

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, I have a code snippet available in ParaView Glance.

I opened the *.vti file on ParaView Glance but I am not sure where is the bottom side when it is rotated.
So I need to add the bottom plane to existing the model.
I already made the code which shows blue coloured plane but I can’t merge it to the model opened from file.
The another way is to modify the *.vti file to show the bottom plane, but I guess it is a bit difficult.
I need your help asap.

Best regards

I am confused why a plane is needed. If you can define a plane at the bottom of the object, you have to know where the bottom is. Can’t you use the directional axes in the bottom left corner to know where the bottom is?

We can use the directional axes, but we are gonna display the bottom plane of the model opened from the file.
We need to show the z=0 plane.

I am still confused. You have said that you can show the blue colored plane. What more do you need?

I can show the model from the file.
And also, I have a code snippet using vtk.js to show the plane.
In other words, I can show the model and plane respectively.
But I need to combine them.

Do you need to combine them into a geometry that you can then save out as another geometry? Please elaborate on what you mean by “combine”.

I don’t need to save out as another geometry.
Just want to show the model and bottom plane on the screen.

Now I can display them on the different div tag respectively.

But I want to display them on particular one div tag. (For example div tag where shows the model)

Thank you for clarifying.

@jourdain over to you.