How to make the legend position and color the same when switching data sets?

I have modal data that I want to display for each mode in turn. However, when I switch from one mode to the next, the settings for the color legend are lost. How can I make them remembered? I do click on the save button. No effect though.

Paraview 5.11.0 on Windows 11.

@Kenneth_Moreland @utkarsh.ayachit @cory.quammen Isn’t this a bug? Shouldn’t colors be sticky between modes?

This is a little complex. Let me explain what is perhaps going on currently and then we can determine how to fix it.

  1. Position is always setup automatically, unless the user had manually moved the legend. If not, whenever a legend becomes visible, ParaView will automatically place it at an available spot around the border.
  2. Save should indeed save and restore the color /font etc when a new legend is created. But note, it doesn’t affect legends that have already been created but just not visible in the view. For example, if you start ParaView, load data, color by, say, “Temp” and then change coloring to be “Press”, now change font+color, hit save, and go back to color by “Temp”, the legend for Temp will be unaffected. If you color by a new array, say, “V”, then the legend will (unless there’s a bug), end up using the new font/color.

Now, what would be ideal?

Let’s start with the color/font properties first. Ideally, I;d think color/font etc properties for legend can be shared across entire session. I don’t imagine anyone with two color legends in a visualization wanting to use different fonts for them. Currently, if you have several legends in the view and you want to change their font, you have to go to each one of them and change it – seems largely overkill. If we just used the same “appearance” properties for all legends, new or old, making such changes will be easy.

Position is a little tricky. Not sure I have any good suggestions for that yet: need some more coffee!