How to map discrete colors to continueous integer values?

Here, I want to visualize ‘fragment id’ of each chuncks of particles. I got > 3,000 fragments whose indice are discrete integers (i.e. 1,2,3,…). While they have integer values, currently they are stored in float precision.

The thing here is that it is hard to differentiate the adjacent fragment id’s. For example, id 100 and id 101 are displayed with very similar color. Is there any simple way to make discrete colormap so even adjacent id’s are easy to differentiate?

It seems there is ‘Interpret Values As Categories’ under Color Map Editor. However, when I casted the float to int by Calculator filter by checking Result Array Type as int, and check ‘Interpret Values As Categories’, it gives warning of my data is too big, and I should add color annotations manually.

You may want to try this button on the right of the table: Add active values from visible pipeline object.
This will warn again but should generate a table, looping over a set of predefined colors.

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