How to move the mesh in paraview?

Dear all,
I run a FEM program of fluid-structure interaction, and attain the result of .vtk. After exporting the data to paraview, there are five variables presented. p_fluid is pressure of fluid, x_dis, y_dis are dispalcement of mesh in x and y direction, and x_velo, y_velo are velocity of fluid in x and y direction. Data in paraview is followed:


The mesh in these .vtk are initial mesh, which are stationary, that means I play the animation in paraview of the results, the elastic beam followed by a cylinder hole is stationary. The .vtk data is below.


Now, I want to move my mesh by add the displacements(x_dis, y_dis) to the initial mesh in paraview, So that I can play the animation with a moving mesh.
Could anyone help me out? Is it possible?

Thank you for all,

Step_fsi_ale_harmonic.7z (3.7 MB)

  • Open your files, Apply
  • Filter → Calculator
  • Use the following expression: x_dis*iHat+y_dis*jHat, Apply
  • Warp by vector, select Result, and set scaleFactor (eg: 10), Apply
  • Play animation

Thank you for your response, it’s really helpful!