How to open a group of obj files?

I have a bunch of files like this:
how to open them a group of files? Right now the paraview opens only the first file: scene_110_0.obj.
Similar naming works with pvtu files, but why does not work with obj files?

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ParaView thinks this is a time series, so it opens the first time step and then it will let you step through the series.

To open them as a list of files, expand the series, select all the files and then open them.


it does not work. Paraview opens selected files as a separate files


You can group them afterwards using Group Datasets

Paraview ‘Group Dataset’ combines/merges all my dataset into one dataset in one timestep (as different partitions). However, I need separate file representation for different timesteps.


Sorry, I don’t really understand what you need.

You can also try Append Datasets which does merging instead of grouping in a multiblock dataset (partitioneddatasetcollection).

I am sorry, it seems that I explain very poorly.

I have a bunch of object files: example_1.obj, example_2.obj, example_3.obj etc. which corresponds to different times (let’s say t=1, 2, 3, correspondingly), then I want to create an animation using these files.
However, I faced with the problem: Paraview can’t interpret 1, 2, 3 in filenames example_1.obj, example_2.obj, example_3.obj as a timestep and Paraview opens only

  • first obj file OR
  • when I select a list of files and open them. Then all files are open immediately, not sequentially (at time 1: example_1.obj, at time 2: example_2.obj and so on)
    It works perfectly for vtk and csv but not for obj file.

Oh, I see.

You are right, support is not there for reading a time series of OBJs. It should not be hard to add, unless there is a specific reason why it wasn’t added already.
I would file a bug report about that, as the UI suggests it was open as a file series.

To get around this, I would convert your files to vtp using a VTK or ParaView script.


Thank you very much! The idea to convert to vtk is a good idea)

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