How to open Binary VTK file

Hi. Im very new to all of this, today is the first time I ever heard of a vtk File.

I have a Binary VTK file from a Fluid simulation program, when I tried to open the file Paraview says there is more than one reader for the file and displays at least a hundred options, so far I have tried 15 different readers but none of it worked and I couldn’t find any information on how to open these files at all

This is The header in the File :

vtk DataFile Version 3.0

DIMENSIONS 315 630 315
ORIGIN -1.71329368 -3.43204380 -1.71329368
SPACING 1.09126985E-2 1.09126985E-2 1.09126985E-2
POINT_DATA 62511750
SCALARS data float 3

Thanks for the help in advance.

Welcome to the ParaView discourse, @IllesHUN.

Questions like this are always easier to answer if you post the file you are working with. If your file is not too big, you can just drag it into the discourse editor box to upload it. Larger files can be uploaded to third-party file sharing sites like WeTransfer or cloud storage.

Anyway, my guess is that the name of your file does not end with a .vtk extension. If you do not have the appropriate extension, ParaView will get confused and not know what type of file it is trying to load.

Thanks for the reply, I uploaded the file, it should be available here: F-000003055

I hope this helps