How to open Large vtu file in Paraview?

My result file is vtu format file, and I try to open in using Paraview.

If data file size is small ( ~2GB) it opened well.
However if it’s size is more then 3 or 4 GB, I got some error message and can’t open it.
How can I solve it?

ERROR: In vtkXMLDataParser.cxx, line 537
vtkXMLDataParser (00000178C355D9E0): Error reading beginning of compression header. Read 0 of 12 bytes.

ERROR: In vtkXMLDataParser.cxx, line 881
vtkXMLDataParser (00000178C355D9E0): ReadCompressionHeader failed. Aborting read.

ERROR: In vtkXMLUnstructuredDataReader.cxx, line 523
vtkXMLUnstructuredGridReader (00000178B4888BB0): Cannot read points array from Points in piece 0. The data array in the element may be too short.

@1997best You didn’t state which OS you’re using. Windows perhaps?

There is a configuration problem when building VTK with the third party XML library, EXPAT, which means an incorrect stream size, type long, is used on 64 bit systems. For Mac and Linux it works because long is 4 bytes on 32 bit systems and 8 bytes on 64 bit systems, but on Windows long is always 4 bytes so the XML reader cannot go beyond 2Gb (the positive integral range).

Thank you very much!
Then, you means, can I open the same file in mac or linux?

Yes. You should be able to read a stream size up to 2^63 bits on a 64 bit system.