How to open my .dat file which is in tecplot format

I am trying to make a 3D plot using the .dat file which is in Tecplot format. I tried several questions similar to this and nothing solved my problem.

How to 3D plot the attached file?

My OS is windows 10, Paraview Version is 5.10.0 and downloaded from the official page, graphics hardware is Intel HD graphics 4600

RPL3DFM_Lib - Copy.dat (3.7 MB)

.dat is very generic, which format is actually used ?

Hi Mathieu,

I am sorry, what do you mean by format here?

As you can see, the DAT format is not an actual format, just binary data generated by a software. ParaView does not know how to read it unless you know which software generated it or which standard it uses.

  • I used a software called to create multiple DAT files (say Lib_01, Lib_02, etc…).
    Lib_01.dat (138.0 KB)

  • Then, I use a simple Fortran code to combine all the DAT files to a single mother DAT file called RPL3DFM_Lib - Copy.dat
    RPL3DFM_Lib - Copy.dat (3.7 MB)

  • Now, I am trying to open the mother file in Paraview to generate the image like this.

Does this answer your question? Please let me know if you need more info.

This should be readable with the TecplotReader, you have to find the right configuration for your file though.

I loaded the file using TecplotReader and clicked apply.
But nothing displays on the screen.
Do you know what should I click next?

Take a look at the PropertiesPanel on the right, you need to set the properties according to the specification of your data.