How to overlay Google Map image onto elevation data from a vtk file

Hi all,

I have a vtk file that contains elevation data which I am using for flooding simulations (see attached image).

I would like to visualize the respective Google Map image on top of my elevation data. I tried to follow this link, but it seems outdated since OpenStreetMaps no longer offers a bitmap export. I believe I will want to use Paraview’s texture capabilities, but I’m not 100% sure. Thank you in advance for your help.


Once you are able to get an image, you will want to apply it to a plane with Texture coordinates available.

I was able to use the filter Texture Map to Plane on my linux machine with Paraview 5.4.0 on the png file (this particular filter causes Paraview 5.7 to crash on my Mac). Now, the datasets have different bounds etc so I can’t even view them together. What’s the most efficient way (if possible) to put the data from the vtk file on top of the map? I have attached the vtk file here. Thank you for your help. bath.vtk (3.1 MB)

Filters -> Transform

I have used the transform filter on TextureMapToPlane to match the bounds of the of the vtk data set, but they are still not in frame together. However, the Extents of the transform filter are still the same as the original TextureMapToPlane. I’m not really sure what’s the best thing to do at the moment.

You will have to share your your png texture as well so I can help you.

Apologies for the late response! I’m not really sure what you mean about the png texture. So just a regular png screenshot of the map will not work?

It may work, I want to give it a go, if you could share it.

This is the png file that I am trying to use. Thank you.

Here is a dataset you can use your png texture on :

Here is the pipeline I used : map.pvsm (1.1 MB)

It was more complex than what I expected tbh, and it is not perfect.

I am trying to load the state, but Paraview is giving me the error, “Reader cannot read file /home/glow/Downloads/a.jpg” and I’m not sure where in the pipeline it’s looking for this file.

This is for the texture. Not an actual issue, just load your image as a texture and use it on the WarpByScalar output.

I got it! Wow, Thank you so much. I know it must have been a lot of work. I really appreciate your help.