How to partially display the domain in paraview

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I have a large domain, but I only care about a small part of it, so how to make ParaView only show the small part? I don’t know the number of cells, but only know the coordinate, like if I have a 10m by 10m, I only want to see 1m by 1m of in the window. Or anyone knows a good forum to ask questions about Paraview?

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Why my Extract Subset is gray, cannot click on it. Thank you.

please share your data.

data.vtk (2.0 MB)
This is a 1m x 1m domain, for example, I want to only see the left corner 10cm x 10cm in my window

Your data is a vtkUnstructuredGrid, you should store it as a vtkImageData instead.

In any case, use ResampleToImage with X=102, Y=102, Z=1 befure using ExtractSubset.

Here is the result when I clicked Resample To Image,

But what I want is the part of this image, like only the upper left,
Thank you!

Use then ExtractSubset filter.

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