How to plot hexahedral mesh with thermal analysis results when data are read from txt files

I’ve developed a simulation scheme that couples optical and thermal simulations. For the thermal analysis I am using PyAnsys, creates an instance of ANSYS etc. Not important.

What’s important is that I cannot easily manipulate the output results. I want to be able to replot the meshes in different scales etc. This library PyAnsys provides a function that turns the result file I get from ANSYS to .vtu, but it doesn’t really work.

I have extracted the mesh data: a text file with the coordinates and a text file with the nodal connectivity. I can also get a text file with the nodal or element-wise temperatures. I just want to plot these.

In the manual, I read about the VTK data models. I have the raw data for the Mesh and Attributes, but don’t really know how to set up the whole process, so that it works and get the plots. E.g. what format must data have in the txt file, so they will be read as data points or connectivity? Some steps how to do this would be really helpful.

Thank you.

It would be worthwhile to read up on the VTK legacy file formats. This is often a good starting point for getting data into ParaView.