How to plot live residuals and forces of a simpleFoam steady-state simulation using Catalyst in Paraview ?

Hello, I am new on OpenFoam and Paraview.

I am able to run simulation and to plot residuals and forces at the end using the .dat files in the PostProcessing folders,

But I can’t manage to follow these on live in Paraview using Catalyst.

Could anyone have a solution ?

Many thanks

I suspect that way to do this is a code change to the Catalyst code in OpenFOAM that would put the information in what Paraview calls field data. That would allow Catalyst and Catalyst live to plot the data as it arrives.

Thanks Dave.
Do you have any idea about the code change to be done ?

The changes will be localized to modules/visualization/src/catalyst but beyond that I do not have a clear picture in my head yet. Perhaps @olesenm can chime in?