How to properly warp by vector

Hi, I have a 3D displacement and velocity field and I’m trying to display a slice of the velocity field that’s warped by the displacement field. However, it seems that warp by vector makes an extra blank slice that coincides with the slice of the velocity field. See below image

Warping directly from the source .xdmf does not let me actually display the velocity field (it seems it is not piped downstream). Same with extracting both blocks and warping.

What I found works in 2D, is to extract a block of the velocity field and another block of the displacement field. Then I append attribute the two blocks. Then I warp by vector. This works fine.

But I do the same steps in 3D (which you can see in the pipeline browser), and then I slice the warp by vector (or I slice and then warp by vector), and the above happens.

I’d like to know how to prevent that, or what is the proper way to warp by a displacement vector different to the colour display vector.

I’m using Paraview 5.11.0.

Please share your data

Sure, I seem to get an error directly uploading so here’s a google drive link to two sample data! I also tried on 5.12.0 and I had the same results.

Hi, is there any solution to this? Am I doing something wrong?

Can you explain what error do you have and what do you expect ?

I looked at your data but I dont see what error you may have.

In the screenshot above, you can see weird artefacts overlaid on top of the data.This happens specifically when I try to represent a slice of a 3D warp by vector (with displacement xi), while displaying velocity u with the colour.

Therefore, I expect the slice to show the full velocity field on that slice, warped by displacement xi. Instead what I see (as long as I’m in 3D mode) are these white artefacts on top of the warped velocity field; the artefacts change location as I move the camera, so it leads me to believe that when I do the steps described in my original post, it creates an extra slice with no data that coincides with the slice I created.

Please share a state file as well so I can reproduce the issue.

Hi, here’s a state file for replication with any of the xdmf files starting with “sm” in the google drive example_warped_3d.pvsm (809.4 KB)

I also did the same for an old 2D case that has the expected behaviour (there’s a clip there but that’s only because displacement was not defined at some points of the computation and doesn’t differ from the 3D case), the data is in the google drive with file name “Re3000_Es1_bc_im0_1proc” and the following is the state file example_warped_2d.pvsm (839.9 KB)

Hi, were you able to reproduce the issue? Is there a way to fix it?