How to Query Variable Values in .xdmf Animation in ParaView?


I’m analyzing a .xdmf animation in ParaView and need to query variable values (e.g., density, voltage) at specific points and time steps. Could anyone guide me on how to achieve this?

I tried to directly click on various positions of the image with the left mouse button at each frame, but I couldn’t get the variable value.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Please share your data. .xdmf AND .h5.


Here is the download link.
Thank you!

  • run ParaView
  • File → open → yourFile.xdmf
  • Select a point you are interested into using interactive select point on
  • PlotSelectionOverTime, Apply


Thank you very much for your help! I can draw a curve graph of the variable values at a certain point in the image over a time range, as shown in your picture.

There were some small problems in the middle, but I solved them.
I followed your steps one by one, but when I tried to click on “PlotSelectionOverTime” in the “filter”, I found that it was not clickable.
Later, I found out that this was because I didn’t click “apply” in the “properties” panel after opening the file. This is really a naive and terrible mistake.

Anyway, thank you very much for your guidance on my childish question!

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