How to read VTKHDF5 in Paraview?

I am experimenting with VTKHDF files. I found an example called “test_poly_data.hdf”. (link here) When I try to load it in Paraview i get a pop-up window titled “Open Data With…” The dafault option is ADIOS2VTXReader.

I click OK and then Paraview crashes. How do I load VTKHDF files in Paraview?

test_poly_data.hdf (206.3 KB)

Its not, ParaView tells you that “A reader […] could not be foud”

You are probably using an old version of ParaView that does not have the VTKHDF reader. Please update.

Thank you, you are right, I was using Paraview 5.9. I tried Paraview 5.12 and it loads the file “test_poly_data.hdf” without any problems.

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