how to remove dangling points from mesh

Hi Everyone,
I generated a mesh composed of triangles with gmsh, but as seen in the image below, there are some dangling points. Is there a filter to remove them ?

I guess I can identify them as points which have no connectivity.

Clean to grid should do the job.

It does not work…also I have a tolerance parameter, but in this case it is useless, the decision to remove a point must be based on connectivity…

Then the following should work

  • Connectivity
  • Edit -> FindData -> Select cells based on the RegionID value
  • Extract selection

Connectivity just assign an ID based on element counting, it does not work because the assigned ID of each point is not the number of connected points…
this is an example datasets
wee99.vtk (671.5 KB)
thank you

I managed to do it with the following :

  • Open your file
  • Connectivity
  • PointDataToCellData
  • Edit -> FindData -> RegionID == 0
  • Extract Selection

connec.pvsm (475.4 KB)

Thank you very much!