How to remove the parts inside the ship?

Hello guys,

This is my results, I want to remove the parts inside the boat, does anyone know how to do that? Thanks in advance.

To clarify, it looks like a mesh that defines a plane of data (surface of water?), and then you have a separate geometry representing a boat, and you want to remove the part of the mesh that intersects the boat geometry. Unfortunately, there is no automatic way in ParaView to clip out part of one mesh (the water) by the shape of another mesh (the boat). You will have to use some other technique. Here are some ideas.

  • Clip the mesh “by hand”. Either use the Clip filter with geometry that matches the shape (boat) as best as possible, or select cells and extract the selection. This will probably not work great for you because your boat shape is too complex.
  • Use a field in the mesh (water) that is correlated to the shape of the boat. Presumably this data come from a simulation that used the shape of the boat. Did the simulation create a field that can be used to determine where the boat is? Is the displacement high? Is there a physical value (like pressure) that is invalid in this region? If so, you can use the Clip (by scalar) or Threshold filter to remove that part of the mesh.
  • Hide it. Add a deck to the boat. The mesh will still be inside of the boat, but you won’t be able to see it.

Those appear to be cells. The Clip By Scalar will throw cells “in” or “out”. It will smoothly clip point data, however, Run the Cell Data to Point Data filter first, then the clip on the point data.

The picture above is cliped on the point data. And I also use cell data to clip, the result is same, not smooth.

And by the way, the result is tecplot plt format, and in tecplot use value blank function can result smooth edge, so I want to konw how to do that use paraview?

Can you share your dataset?