How to render 3D bathymetry data

Hi,I am quite new to paraview, I’d like to use paraview for visualizing bathymetry data.
I have a netCDF file containing the lat, lon, and elevation ,
Like in this picture, I also want to do this.,

I use the‘Warp by scalar’,
However, this is not the same as I expected.
This is the result I got:

This is my nc file:

Can I get the results I expected with my current data?
I’m sorry for bad English.
Can you help me understand if this is possible.
Thanks for the help! :smiley:

I see two differences:

  • color
  • surface height

Are there other differences you see?

For the first problem, I recommend following Chapter 2 of the ParaView Tutorial, which addresses how to change the color map and gives you a very thorough understanding of how to use ParaView’s basic features.

For the second problem, adjust the Scale Factor setting in the Properties Panel to make it bigger or smaller.

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Thanks for looking into this! I think i understand.:smiley:

You may also want to take a look into this blog :

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