How to render multiBlock Image data by Volume representation

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i found when i put several vtkImageData into vtkMultiBlockDataSet, i cannot select “Volume” representation.

It seems the output data type is “vtkMultiBlockDataSet” not “vtkImageData”, so in the paraview representation GUI, there is no “Volume” option to choose…?

How can i make such multi block image data to be rendered by volume representation?

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Alas, volume rendering of any multiblock data is not well supported. As a not terribly efficient workaround, you can use a Resample to Image filter to enable volume rendering. It is definitely not ideal, but works in a pinch.

Cory, would another option be the Merge Blocks filter?

Merge Blocks would enable volume rendering, but it would greatly expand the memory footprint because all grids would be converted to unstructured grids. If you start with a multiblock of unstructured grids, then that’s not a big deal, but coming from image data it is a bigger deal.

You are correct, of course. I keep forgetting that multiblock data can be non unstructured grid.

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Thank you Cory and Waltter very much!!
Your information is very helpful for me!

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