How to render the cross section of spheres generated from Glyphs as filled circle.

I want to have images of the slice view of a 3D simulation. For the fibers in the simulation, I had to convert to point cloud and then using Glyth to be able to render them.
I am using sphere to show them which looks nice. However, when I want to have a slice view, it just shows the circles. It seems that the spheres are like thin shells and the cross section appears as circles. I want to render them as solid filled-in circles in the cross section view!
Any body have idea? (screen shots, .pvsm and .vtk files attached)

@Kenneth_Moreland @mwestphal

Hi @Cavid_Azimi

I’m afraid I dont see an easy way to create “full” glyphs that you could slice through. However, instead of glyph you could use GaussianRessampling to generate a volume instead of glyphs.